Summer Blues

Summer Blues

 One. Chambray Samantha Womens Shirt Dress Two. Breton Striped Sweatshirt Three. Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch    Four. Stella McCartney Pyjama Shorts Five. Atlantis Gem Ring Six. Arizona Blue Birkenstock Seven. Longchamp Le Pilage Bag

Since I can remember I have always loved the colour blue. When I was quite young I went through a stage where nearly everything I wore was blue! I have since moved away from the blue obsession and now have various other colours in my wardrobe. However, I lately saw these beautiful Stella McCartney pyjama shorts in John Lewis and instantly fell in love with the bluey green tones found in them. They remind me of the ocean. It was these that got me thinking about other blue pieces that I might like to have in my wardrobe.

Aside from jeans, blue can often be a slightly neglected when it comes to clothes and accessories, unless perhaps in the cooler months. For me, blue is a clean look and it is a great colour to layer because there’s so many different shades to choose from.

Stripes are a timeless classic and it’s always good to have a few simple sweaters in your wardrobe for those  days when you want to go for that Parisian chic look. I have a few striped jumpers in my collection and my favourites are from Petit Bateau.

Unsurprisingly the chambray dress from Joules is sold out on-line.. I obviously wasnt the only one who thought it was perfect, however, it may still be available in your local Joules store if you’ve missed out online. Chambray dresses have been quite popular this summer so have a look in some other shops and I’m sure you’d be able to pick up something similar.

What are your thoughts on wearing blue in the summer?


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