A Wishlist for August



August is quite an expensive month for me because of holidays and those annoying things called bills etc, however, there a few things I’m wishing for . They include a world ma and a book to inspire me with some lunch ideas; I get so fed up with sandwiches. There’s also some beautiful jewellery by Monica Vinader who is a relatively new find of mine and I have yet to actually buy anything from her website, but the beautiful simplicity of her pieces really attract me to her jewellery. One piece I love in particular is her Fiji Chin Bracelet. It’s simple enough so that you could wear it everyday, but could also be worn to a fancy dinner or night out. Money well spent I think. See below for the rest of my August wishes and the links to the websites.


What’s on your August wish list?

August Wishlist

1. Fiji Chin Bracelet 2. Olympus Pen Lite E-PL6 3. Vintage World Map 4. Frends Layla Headphones 5. Love Your Lunchbox 


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