A new start and a fresh outlook

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote a post on here, hopefully you all understand. Things have been on the up for me and I am happy to say that I am back on the blogging band wagon and cannot wait to get started.

A lot has changed since I last did any blogging and I feel like I’m in a better place in terms of life, relationships and my career. I’ve moved house, started a new job and feel like my life is on a good path at the moment. I feel invigorated and confident in myself and am looking forward to sharing all my exciting finds, travels, inspiration and general bits and bobs with you all through Studio Habitat.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be getting back into the swing of things and you should expect some exciting new posts coming this way.

Speak soon, love Studio Habitat


My Favourite: Interior Design Books



Ever since I became interested in Interior Design I have started collecting design books. Perfect for those moments when you need a bit of inspiration. I now have quite a large collection, but there a few books I always go back to that inspire me the most and provide me with new ideas and tips.

And because I’m always trying to expand my knowledge and improve on my interior styling I always go back to A Place Called Home  which has some very beautiful spaces and step by step guides on how to achieve your own beautiful space. The topics include getting inspiration from around you, being clever about where you spend your money, embracing colour and being creative with what you already have. The photography in the book always captures my imagination.

The second book I always find myself going back to is Creative Spaces. It is a visual treat and ventures in to the homes of various individuals and families across the world. It is a great book for opening up your eyes to different styles and is jam-packed with quirky, contemporary and individual spaces.

My final book is etc. It is packed with tips from the interior stylist’s trade and beautifully photographed interiors which demonstrate a clear and easily replicable principle that will help transform a room without the need for expensive alterations. Perfect for the cash strapped individuals amongst us.

All three are a great source of inspiration with varying styles found within and perfect for some relaxed weekend reading!

What are your favourite design books?

August Pinterest

Its been a busy month, but i’ve still managed to fit in some pinterest time. Here’s a round-up of everything that I’ve been loving during the past month…

blog August Pinterest


1. beautiful white kitchen with bright accessories

2.Yummy bowl of spaghetti

3. A stylish Smeg Fridge, my dream fridge!

4. Marble kitchen, with a dash of lemon & lime

5. Chambray 

6. Perfect retreat

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Summer Blues

Summer Blues

 One. Chambray Samantha Womens Shirt Dress Two. Breton Striped Sweatshirt Three. Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch    Four. Stella McCartney Pyjama Shorts Five. Atlantis Gem Ring Six. Arizona Blue Birkenstock Seven. Longchamp Le Pilage Bag

Since I can remember I have always loved the colour blue. When I was quite young I went through a stage where nearly everything I wore was blue! I have since moved away from the blue obsession and now have various other colours in my wardrobe. However, I lately saw these beautiful Stella McCartney pyjama shorts in John Lewis and instantly fell in love with the bluey green tones found in them. They remind me of the ocean. It was these that got me thinking about other blue pieces that I might like to have in my wardrobe.

Aside from jeans, blue can often be a slightly neglected when it comes to clothes and accessories, unless perhaps in the cooler months. For me, blue is a clean look and it is a great colour to layer because there’s so many different shades to choose from.

Stripes are a timeless classic and it’s always good to have a few simple sweaters in your wardrobe for those  days when you want to go for that Parisian chic look. I have a few striped jumpers in my collection and my favourites are from Petit Bateau.

Unsurprisingly the chambray dress from Joules is sold out on-line.. I obviously wasnt the only one who thought it was perfect, however, it may still be available in your local Joules store if you’ve missed out online. Chambray dresses have been quite popular this summer so have a look in some other shops and I’m sure you’d be able to pick up something similar.

What are your thoughts on wearing blue in the summer?

Happiness This Week #8


Happy Saturday everyone! This week has been one of those weeks where the days have just dragged by! I’ve been busy, don’t get me wrong, but I think the combination of wonderful weather and my fast approaching holiday has put me in a bit of a lazy mood with regards to work and the days have felt like watching paint dry. Of course, once I get out of work and start heading home it’s fine. Does anyone else have days like this? Apart from work being.. well, work, this week has been a good one.

This weekend we’re planning to have a BBQ with Rorys family, I can’t wait, his mum always produces the most mouth watering platefuls of food. We’re looking forward to it! In the meantime, here’s a little list of what’s made me most happy this week…

1. Peanut butter on toast.. or just a spoonful of it out the jar! I can’t get enough of it.

2. Reading in Princes Street gardens during my hour lunch break. I love getting out in the sun for a bit to break up the working day, however, I usually just people watch, but the past week I have taken a book with me for a change. I will definitely be doing it again. I’m currently reading  The Pure Gold Baby by Margaret Drabble.

3.  Water. Lots of it. I’ve been trying to drink more throughout the day and I am beginning to really feel the difference.

4. Hearing that the Great British Bakeoff will be starting again! Hooray! Wednesday 6th August everyone! 🙂

5. Spending an afternoon with Tilly, my families cocker spaniel. She makes me laugh so much, she spent most of the afternoon playing with an old tennis ball that she found in the garden.

6. Discovering the youtube music channel Wave of Good Noise. It has introduced me to some really great music and I’ve been loving relaxing to them at night time before bed.

7. Going for dinner with my best friend Cara. We went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen as neither of us had been before and had heard really good things about it. The burgers were amazing! So many combinations to choose from, I eventually decided on “The Don” a delicious arrangement of American cheese, gorgonzola, baconnaise, rocket, onion jam, house mayo & pickled onion all sandwiched between a brioche bun. We had a really nice catchup!

8. Purchasing my very first Trouve Magazine. I am fed up of reading your everyday celebrity magazines.. infact I can’t say i’ve ever liked them. Trouve is a breath of fresh air and celebrates creativity.

9. Essie ruffles & feathers and wearing it constantly. Such a beautiful summery green colour.

10. Holiday planning 🙂 15 days to go!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend 🙂

Inside Out Magazine

I have been reading Inside Out magazine for over a year now. I absolutely love it and used to count down the days until a new issue would be out every second month. But not anymore, now Inside Out has just moved to monthly! 

In the most recent issue there is a beautifully inspiring story about the restoration of a heritage listed terraced house in Sydney. The final space is absolutely amazing! The design is imaginative and exciting and they haven’t forgotten about all the small touches either! Apparently, since finishing this house they have opened up their own property renovating business A gentleman’s Agreement. Have a look at the images below for some interior ideas, styling and photography.










All images sourced from Inside Out website

Happiness This Week #7



Sunday already! Where has this week gone. I hope you’ve had a lovely week? I woke up at the start of this week feeling really full of energy and super productive, and so I rode the productivity wave and tried to fit in as much as possible. We had absolutely amazing weather this week which always makes me feel the need to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts. This weekend i’ve had to entertain myself as Rory was working, but it actually gave me a chance to refresh and have a good clean and general tidy up of the flat. Here’s a little list of all the other little things that’ve made me most happy this week…

1. Long evening walks in the sunshine with Rory

2. Completing a session of cardio Pilates. I felt so alive and refreshed afterwards. If anyone has been toying with the idea of taking up pilates. Do it! It’s amazing! 

3. Starting drawing again. I used to love art and studied it at college after I’d left school but the past few years I’ve been neglecting my art supplies. Time to restart my long lost love I think. 

4. The delicious white chocolate cookies i made. Best served fresh out the oven with a cup of tea. 

5. Spending Wednesday night making up a new house hamper for my best friend who’s just bought her first house together with her boyfriend. So happy for them 🙂 

6. Getting to see Tilly (my families mad cocker spaniel). She always give the best welcome home greeting.

7. Treating myself to some new underwear. I always feel a bit guilty when I buy new underwear just because it’s so expensive! However, i decided it was time for a new addition to my underwear drawer.

8. Delicious pulled pork burgers for Saturday nights dinner. We even scraped the oven dish, it was so good 🙂

9. Rory making me breakfast in bed on Saturday morning. He does infact have a romantic side to him!

10. Clearing the laundry basket. Mundane, but true.

What’s made you most happy this week? 🙂

Happiness This Week #5

Happiness This Week #5

This week has been a good one! So much sunshine! Rory and I are planning to do as little as possible this weekend- beyond our last minute brunch on Saturday morning we’re hoping to just relax and actually spend some time together!? Oh my! It honestly feels as though we’ve not spent a single weekend day together in weeks now, and I miss that handsome boyfriend of mine so very much! Here’s a little list of what’s made me happy this week for you to have a read of.

1. Listening to a song on repeat that I have recently came across. It’s called Your Soul by the singer songwriter Rhodes. Too beautiful.

2. Hanging out all week long in summer dresses and flip-flops.

3. Watching last weekend’s Lillie’s open up fuller and fuller over the course of the week. They’re so flamboyant, and I adore them.

4. Going for brunch with Rory yesterday to catch up on our weeks events. He worked late a lot this week so I feel like I haven’t managed to speak to him much.

5. Purchasing this beautiful print which i’m going to frame and put on my wall, it symbolises that where ever you are in the word family is always home.

6. Appreciating the now. I’ve been trying to stay clear of pointless TV watching and my mobile phone in the evening. We’ve been listening to more music at home and having more fun together with good old fashioned cards and board games, today I’m going to have a browse on amazon to pick up a stack of books to get stuck into over the next week.

7. The delicious sweet and spicy beer can chicken Rory and I ate for dinner last night. Finger lickin’ good.

8. Bright ocean blue polish on my finger & toenails.

9. Spending time with my sister, it had been too long since our last get together.

10. Meeting up with Rory’s family for a mid week dinner and catchup. It’s the first time i’ve met up with them without Rory being there and it was so nice! Not to mention having the most deliciously mouthwateringly good mountain of chilli I had to eat!

How has your week been? Hope you’re enjoying your weekend 🙂


Main images sourced from Etsy

Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials

Now that summer is in full swing a lot of you will be thinking about heading off on holiday to sunny climates. This post is paying homage to the more traditional british holiday of camping! The tradition started over 100 years ago and the popularity has had a recent boom over the years. Camping holidays have always been a part of my life and with todays stylish accessories and camping necessities you’d be mad not to give it ago. This post highlights a few of my favourite essentials from various suppliers all over the world.

1. Wood & Faulk camp stool 2. Wooden Axe 3. Enamel plate 4. ‘Morkt’ lantern 5. Enamel tumblers 6. Tripolina chair 7. Washable paper lunch bag 8. Bug spray