When in Rome. Do as the Romans do.

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I’m back after a lovely, and much needed holiday to beautiful Roma.

Rome is a city that screams happiness. People take their time to enjoy life and stop to chat in the middle of the streets. The Italians value good food more than most other things and drink wine before noon. Whilst exploring the streets, passing colourful buildings on my way, I lost track of all the times I received a warm and welcoming smile.

After spending a week admiring the ancient buildings and neighbourhoods, eating an obscene amount of pasta and gelato, drinking lots of wine and soaking up the sunshine, I was convinced: I’m moving to Rome. Not just because of the beautiful language, but because of how happy everyone is and their way of life. So much more relaxed than life back in the UK.

The hotel we stayed in was called the Marcella Royal, which was situated on Via Flavia, about a 20/30 minute stroll to the main tourist sights such as the colosseum. The hotel was just superb and the interior was clean and full of Italian character. The selling point for us was the fact it had a roof top terrace where you had breakfast in the morning overlooking the rooftops of rome as well as offering a selection of pastas and pizza for dinner and cocktails, coffee and a piano bar for evening. Just perfect.


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