My Favourite: Interior Design Books



Ever since I became interested in Interior Design I have started collecting design books. Perfect for those moments when you need a bit of inspiration. I now have quite a large collection, but there a few books I always go back to that inspire me the most and provide me with new ideas and tips.

And because I’m always trying to expand my knowledge and improve on my interior styling I always go back to A Place Called Home  which has some very beautiful spaces and step by step guides on how to achieve your own beautiful space. The topics include getting inspiration from around you, being clever about where you spend your money, embracing colour and being creative with what you already have. The photography in the book always captures my imagination.

The second book I always find myself going back to is Creative Spaces. It is a visual treat and ventures in to the homes of various individuals and families across the world. It is a great book for opening up your eyes to different styles and is jam-packed with quirky, contemporary and individual spaces.

My final book is etc. It is packed with tips from the interior stylist’s trade and beautifully photographed interiors which demonstrate a clear and easily replicable principle that will help transform a room without the need for expensive alterations. Perfect for the cash strapped individuals amongst us.

All three are a great source of inspiration with varying styles found within and perfect for some relaxed weekend reading!

What are your favourite design books?


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