Happiness This Week #9

Guirnaldas de luces y manteles individuales, decoración perfecta para una cena con amigos.

Image sourced from stylemepretty.com

It’s Friday everyone, hooray! So glad it’s nearly the weekend after a busy week in work. I have spent a large amount of my free time making sure everything is organised for our holiday, doing pilates or watching the Commonwealth Games.  This weekend I’m planning on having quite a creative weekend so look out for some crafty/creative posts coming soon. One I’m particularly eager to start is a handmade camera strap. Heres a little list of whats made me happy this week.

1. Making the best spaghetti bolognese that I’ve ever made. Served along with bruchetta and lots of parmesan cheese, of course!

2. Watching the Commonwealth games and getting all patriotic when Scotland do well.

3. Having my Mum round for dinner.

4. Putting together a ‘new home’ gift set for my best friend. I got the idea from an Australian company called Bindle.

5. Spending Thursday night with Rory. He’s been working late every night this week and Thursday was his night off. It’s amazing how much I miss just seeing his face and hearing his news from the day.

6. Banana cake. Served warm with a cup of tea. The best!

7. Spending time at night-time before bed reading lots of inspiring and creative blogs.

8. Meeting the adorable bulldog puppy from next door. It is the cutest, wrinkliest, chubbiest thing ever. He’s called Winston. Bless 🙂

9. Getting to dress down to work. Its a lot nicer getting to wear jeans and a baggy sweater into work rather than formal work clothes.

10. Cherries. I am addicted.

I hope you have a great weekend lined up 🙂

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