Wishlist for July

July wishlistSummer is the time to refresh and have fun, don’t you think? I find that, because the Scottish summer is so brief and unpredictable (or often non-existent all together) it always makes me to want to make everything in my life as ‘summery’ as possible does anyone else do this?

Recently I’ve been procrastinating about ideas of brightening and lightening up my wardrobe, our home and general lifestyle. My wish list for July is a mixture of items that  feel will help with this process. I am hoping to pick up Rachel Khoos cookery book after reading so many amazing reviews, I’m looking forward to tasting all the delicious treats. The little pastel coloured mugs are from tescos! and are just what I need to help brighten up my kitchen and help inject a bit of summer in to our house. The pj’s will be a bit of a splurge if I go ahead and get them.. I just love how comfortable, loose and perfect they are.

Lastly- shall we talk about how beautiful the chair is? I love the charcoal grey colour and the mid-century Danish feel to it. We have been without an armchair  since we moved into this place and I am dying to buy one so that when guests come they’re not having to use our dining chairs! This will be a perfect addition to our living room. And that perfume, I hope it smells as good as it sounds, but I’m really intrigued to try it.Has anyone else given it a shot?

I think a shopping trip is in order..


1. Armchair  from Habitat 2. The little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo 3. Lazy Sunday Morning Perfume 4. Jersey Playsuit Pjs 5. Pastel mugs


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