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Hello everyone, things have been a little bit quiet lately on my blog. I’ve been busy preparing for interviews most of this week. I’ve had 3! I’m trying to get myself back in to the interior design field as I miss the excitement and creativity. I felt they all went well but now its just a case of waiting to hear back from them with their feedback and, fingers crossed, a job!  I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes.

In terms of my June pinterest board I picked a few of my favourites. I always feel that summer is a time to refresh and invigorate your senses, don’t you think? For me, these images represent my summer; delicious, mouth-watering and healthy food, fresh herbs and beautiful green plants and of course, light bright and airy homes.

What epitomises your summer?


All images sourced from my pinterest boards. Originals from as follows: 1.charlotteminty.blogspot.co.nz 2.bloglovin.com 3.babaganuj.blogspot.com 4.pflanzenfreude.de


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