Happiness This Week #4



Image sourced from this users Pinterest account, originally sourced from flickr

Oh thank goodness this working week is over. It has been extremely tiring and there have been way too many early mornings for my liking. My body definitely doesn’t like 5.00am wake ups.  I’m ready for a good long sleep this weekend, and some time spent with family and friends. Scotland has had great weather over the past week as well so I’m hoping it stays around over the weekend!

We have very little planned, which is good! One thing we do need to do is figure out what we still need to get for our summer holiday, perfect timing too, seeing as the sales have now begun. Hooray!… I actually hate the whole sales experience so I would preferably like to spend as little time in the shops as possible. Me and madness of sales shopping just don’t go. It stresses me out.

I used to work in Next when I was still at school and witnessed my fair share of ‘Next Sales’… need i say anymore. Anyway, enough of my ranting. I hope you’ve got a lovely weekend ahead of you! Here’s a little list of what’s made me happy this past week.

1. Finding my iPod USB cable, I can finally update the songs on it!

2. Making my way through a pile of books that have been sitting for some time collecting dust. They include Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith and The Five People You Meet In Heaven. This last one was such a lovely, hopeful and thought provoking work of fiction, I don’t think I’ve ever sobbed as much over a book as I did at the bittersweet ending of this one. I would thoroughly recommend.

3. Finding the perfect pair of heeled sandals for me to take on holiday. They were in the sale too!

4. Purchasing this beautiful desk lamp from notonthehighstreet.com

5. Sitting outside in the evening basking in the warm sunshine.

6. Finding the motivation to restart Pilates after a rather naughty break.

7. Iced lattes! I could drink them all day!

8. The tragic look on Rory’s face when I told him we were having cauliflower base pizza for dinner on Tuesday evening. And the look of sheer joy when he realised he would be working late so would miss out on (what I think) the delicious creation. He’s really not a fan.. 🙂

9. Hearing from my best friend when she came back from her holiday. She’s been away for a week, it felt like a month. How i missed her daily chats.

10. Pink Lady apples. Preferably fridge-cold.


What’s made you happy this week? 🙂


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