It’s June!


Can you believe it’s June already! Half way through the year…Where has the time gone? The past month has been particularly busy and stressful for me with a new job and getting into the swing of things as well as house hunting. But hey! I’m sure it must be kind of obligatory in the first month or so of a new job to freak out at least once. Right?

June is set to be equally busy, but also hopefully with the added bonus of some beautiful summer sunshine (wishful thinking? who knows what Scotland will offer us this year).  To wind up the month of May I have decided to put together a list of goals that I’m going to try and achieve throughout the course of June and thought I would share them with you.

– Buy a new book! An actual paper copy of a book, not a digital version! And also to actually read it too, instead of just sit with it next to me whilst I scroll endless through my social media feeds on my phone…

– Drink more water, I drink way too much caffeine thoughout the day.

– Start holiday clothes shopping. I hate doing last minute shopping so am going to strive to have most stuff bought and ready to go for the end of June.

– Try and go for a long walk every weekend through the woods. The smell of the woods and sounds help to clear my head of worries from the week and I always feel really invigorated and fresh afterwards.  They do say walking is good for your soul.

– Start a new hobby. Whenever I look through magazines or craft books I alwas see things that make me think “ooo that’s nice, I could make that” but then I never actually get round to doing it. I would really like to start knitting this month. I used to do it when I was younger, my gran taught me, but I’ve not done it in years! Think it’s time to rekindle my knitting spirit!

Do you have any goals for this month?


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