Happiness this week #1


Happy Friday everyone!

 I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and are enjoying the bank holiday weekend.  We’ve not got a huge amount planned this weekend. I am puppy sitting this weekend which I’m incredibly excited about! I collect Tilly, my families cocker spaniel later on today, after I’ve had my hair cut and then she’s spending Saturday and Sunday night with us. It’s the first time she’s stayed in our house over night so we could be in for an eventful weekend. Here’s what’s made me most happy in the past week!…

1. Summer time showers. the smell of rain is the best.

2. Reading the new volume of Kinfolk snuggled up in bed after a long days work.

3. The smell of suntan lotion on my skin.

4. Getting into a bed made up with fresh bed linen.

5. Purchasing some new clothes from The White Company.  Their collection this season has been beautiful. I treated myself to their Sparkle Batwing Jumper in a lovely dusky pink colour as well as their Jersey Biker jacket in cloud marl. Hope they arrive in time for the weekend!

5. WEDNESDAY NACHO NIGHT! We ate homemade nachos. It was so completely awesome, and made a rainy Wednesday evening a hundred times better

6. Tuesday’s Pilates. It was a toughie, and left me feeling achy in the best kind of way. I have only just started pilates having recently found a blog called Blogilates which produces monthly workout calendars. I am currently working my way through their beginners work out calender. The creator of this blog, Cassey, is so inspirational and really motivates you throughout the programme!

7. Making lists. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken this week (for no good reason at all!) and lists are all that’s kept me sane!

8. Making fresh coffee each morning. I love the ritual of filling up the little espresso pot and waiting for it to boil. Rory and I convinced ourselves last weekend that our lives were incomplete without a Nespresso coffee machine so that has been added to our shopping list of things to save for.

9.Having Rory home with me all Thursday night. He often works late so i cherish the times I do get to spend with him. It was lovely just to cuddle with him on the sofa while watching Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, part 2.

10. Having fresh flowers in the house. I’m going to try to make this a regular thing.

What are your Friday Favourites?


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